Appetite for Apatite

Appetite for Apatite

The Spanish called Apatite the "asparagas stone" because of its yellow greenish color. That is unfortunate, first because I do not care for asparagus, but more so because Apatite comes in some of the most vivid neon blues that almost seem unreal in nature. While blue is the most popular color, apatite also comes in beautiful pinks, violets and greens. Unfortunately it is a relatively soft stone (measuring 5 on the Moh's hardness scale) and can scratch and fracture easily. So take care of apatite worn in jewelry and do not use ultrasonic cleaners.

The name apatite is derived from Greek meaning "deceive" because it can be confused with other minerals such as beryl, topaz, zircon and tourmaline. Apatite is found around the world in China, the US, Russia, Morocco, Brazil, Canada, East Africa, Sri Lanka, Spain and Mexico.

Apatite Beaded Bracelet

Apatite is a phosphate rock and non-gem grade material that is used in fertilizers, acids and chemicals. It also is the mineral that makes up the teeth and bones in all vertebrate animals. For those seeking healing properties, apatite is used for spiritual healing, self expression and clarity and as a hunger suppressant. If only it were that easy to wear a beautiful blue piece of jewelry and watch the pounds drop away.