What is My Ring Size?

What is My Ring Size?

Birthstone rings. Engagement rings. Promise rings. Statement rings. Stackable rings. Key rings. Okay, that last one you probably wouldn’t wrap around your finger, but for the rest of these you would need to know your ring size. You could scramble to find your keys, hop in your car, drive to the local mall, find a local jeweler and ask to find out your ring size. Or you could stay home and save some time in your busy schedule. Measuring your ring size is quick and easy. All you need is some string, a pen, and a measuring tape/ruler. If you don’t have string, even a strip of paper will do.


Ring Sizing Tools


Step 1:

Cut the string or strip of paper so that it’s long enough to fit around your finger (each finger will measure differently).

Step 2:

Wrap it around the base of your finger so that it fits snug, but not too tight.

Step 3:

Mark where the string/paper meets.



Step 4:

Measure the distance between the markings you just made. Compare that number (inside circumference) with the following chart to find out your ring size.



Alternatively, if you have a ring that fits just right, you can measure the diameter of the inside of the ring and use the “inside diameter” in the chart above.


Ring Diameter
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